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Here's the latest news on current marine research, education, and outreach activities conducted by the University of Delaware Sea Grant College Program. If you are a reporter, publisher, or film producer seeking information, footage, photos, or research experts, contact the office at (302) 831-8083 or

Jim Falk

Delaware Sea Grant appointment

Jim Falk has been appointed acting director of Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) effective April 1, as current DESG Director Nancy Targett prepares to lead the University of Delaware as...more

Climate change study

An increasing majority of Delawareans are convinced that climate change and sea level rise are happening, and want immediate action to reduce their impacts, according to a 2014 survey conducted by...more

Zooplankton research team

Sustainable fishery predictor

University of Delaware researcher Jonathan Cohen is using a new technology to analyze and quantify zooplankton in the Delaware Bay.

Zooplankton are millimeter to centimeter scale organisms...more