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2014 Annual Report | Volume 33

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world."- Margaret Mead

Nancy Targett

When I hear this widely circulated quote by Margaret Mead, I can’t help but think of our small state of Delaware and how our close partnerships and working relationships mean that we can maximize our timely response to the environmental challenges of today.

Here, in our annual report, we provide you with a snapshot of the work that we conduct as we look at the health of coastal ecosystems, sustainable coastal development, a safe and sustainable seafood supply and hazard resilient coastal communities. And while these four focus areas drive our research, education and outreach, we ensure that addressing issues of climate and environmental literacy are woven through all that we do.

From Wilmington to Fenwick Island, the Delaware Sea Grant College Program is working with communities throughout the state to provide them with the data, tools and training needed to maintain vibrant economies and sustainable ecosystems.

This year, we embark on a new strategic plan for 2014-2017, developed in large part through the input of our coastal stakeholders and in alignment with the National Sea Grant Strategic Plan. In it, we renew our commitment to providing sound scientific information and policy analysis on issues related to our coast and coastal economics and to translating that science into applications that have a positive impact on our fellow citizens.

It is the goal of Delaware Sea Grant that society benefits from the sea—today and in the future. It is our hope that through reading this report and by learning more from our website you are inspired to join us pursuing that endeavor.

Dr. Nancy M. Targett
Director, Delaware Sea Grant
Dean, University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

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