2015 DESG Site Review

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - Thursday, June 18, 2015

A national level site review team (SRT) will visit the Delaware Sea Grant College Program (DESG) in 2015 to assess our program's strenghts. This will be the second on-site review of our program, with the last one occurring in 2011.

The SRT consists of five members knowledgeable about Sea Grant. Prior to the visit the SRT will receive a briefing book prepared by our program, a copy of our DESG Strategic Plan, our last four annual reports, and other material deemed to be relevant to assist them in their evaluation. During the visit, the review team will meet with the program’s management team, advisory committees, university administrators, and stakeholders. A minimum 30 days prior to the site visit, the Sea Grant Director shall draft and issue a public notice that the program will be reviewed. The notice will invite individuals to email comments on the management aspect of the program or any aspect if its work.

DESG will be evaluated on the following overarching themes:

Program Management and Organization: Is DESG management/organization suitable to carry on a viable and productive program and have the backing of its administration at a sufficiently high level to fulfill its multidisciplinary and multifaceted mandate? Is a programmed team approach being used to solve problems which include relevant, high quality, multidisciplinary research with associated educational and advisory services capable of producing identifiable results? Is DESG obtaining matching funds from non-Federal sources, and from a diversity of sources to demonstrate program vitality and the ability to meet the federal matching requirement?

Stakeholder Engagement: Does DESG have a strong program through which information, techniques, and research results from any reliable source is communicated to and utilized by user communities? Is the advisory service program aiding in the identification and communication of user communities’ research and educational needs? Is the program relevant to local, state, regional or national opportunities and problems in the marine environment and have close ties with Federal agencies, state agencies, local authorities, business and industry, and other educational institutions?

Collaborative Network Activities: Does the program provide leadership in marine activities including coordinated planning and cooperative work with local, state, regional and Federal agencies, other Sea Grant Programs and non-Sea Grant Universities?

The review process

Site visits will be completed over a two-day period, with the first day and a half dedicated to assessing the program and the last one-half day devoted to drafting the site visit report and briefing the program management team and appropriate university officials on the team’s conclusions and recommendations.
The draft site visit report will be used to develop a final report highlighting findings, recommendations and suggestions as well as any activities the review team has identified as  best management practices.  Recommendations are formally prescribed courses of action for which DESG is accountable. The program must respond how they plan to implement each recommendation. Suggestions are ideas that are presented for consideration. DESG is not accountable for responding to suggestions, but is encouraged to consider them. The  best management practices will be shared with other Sea Grant programs.
A final report will be sent to DESG and the National Sea Grant Office (NSGO) director within 60 days of the visit.  DESG has the option to implement any recommended changes and/or submit a written response to the director of the NSGO. The final report does not include a rating for the program, but the report should state whether Delaware Sea Grant meets the Sea Grant Standards of Excellence, based on Sea Grant federal regulations.
The NSGO director will review the findings, recommendations, and suggestions included in the final report and any subsequent response from DESG. The director, in consultation with others in the office will make a final determination of whether the program meets the Sea Grant Standards of Excellence. Upon achieving this status, a program is eligible for future merit funding.

For more information

For questions about the SRT, please contact DESG Director, Nancy Targett (ntargett@udel.edu), or DESG Associate Director, Jim Falk (jfalk@udel.edu). 

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