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Welcome to the Delaware Sea Grant College Program! Since the University of Delaware was designated the nation's ninth Sea Grant College in 1976, our goal has been to promote the wise use, conservation, and management of marine and coastal resources through high-quality research, education, and outreach activities that benefit the public and the environment.

If you're wondering what "Sea Grant" means, here's a little background. In 1966, Congress established the National Sea Grant College Program. The term "Sea Grant" was chosen to emphasize the parallel between this new program, focusing on the nation's marine resources, and the Land Grant program, which was created more than a century earlier to develop our agricultural resources. Today, there are Sea Grant programs in every coastal state and in Puerto Rico. Programs work individually and in partnership regionally and nationally to address major marine challenges.

The University of Delaware received its first Sea Grant funding, for oyster research, in 1968. Two years later, marine research and education activities expanded dramatically at the University of Delaware with the founding of the College of Marine Studies — an all-graduate institution. In 1976, in recognition of its academic excellence and a strong foundation of statewide support, the University of Delaware was named the nation's ninth Sea Grant College, and the administration of the new program was assigned to the UD College of Marine Studies. In 2006, the name of the home base for Delaware Sea Grant changed its name to the College of Marine and Earth Studies, then again in 2009 to the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment to reflect the broadening of its scope.

Currently, Delaware Sea Grant is conducting research in priority areas ranging from seafood safety to coastal hazards, preparing the next generation of environmental leaders through hands-on research and educational activities, and sharing trustworthy information on coastal topics with people from all walks of life.

The Delaware Sea Grant College Program is funded by the National Sea Grant College Program in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce; the State of Delaware; and the University of Delaware. The program is administered with input and guidance from our Sea Grant Advisory Council, whose members hail from marine-oriented business and industry, resource management and engineering firms, state government, public interest groups, the pre-college educational sector, and the media. We are committed to excellence in marine research, education, and public service and look forward to addressing new coastal problems and opportunities for the benefit of Delawareans and the environment!

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The University of Delaware was designated the nation's ninth Sea Grant College in 1976. Today, there are 33 Sea Grant programs across the United States.


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