Coastal Delaware Resiliency Report—Response, recovery and adaptation by the tourism industry to natural hazards and climate change

A warming climate, fluctuations in weather patterns and rising sea levels may change the way businesses operate in coastal Delaware. It also will have an impact on how quickly businesses recover and get back online after a natural hazard.

Eight million tourists visit coastal Delaware...Read more

15 Second Science

Learn something new in a flash by watching our 15 Second Science video series. The playlists below are organized by episode category. You can watch them all on this page, or visit our YouTube...Read more

Resilient Communities and Economies

At its core, Delaware is a coastal state, with no part of the state situated more than eight miles from tidal waters. Economic development that balances the health of the economy with that of the natural world is critical to maintaining vibrant communities. We...Read more

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Infographic

A climate change perception study conducted in 2011 found that an increasing majority of Delawareans are convinced that climate change and sea level rise are happening.  This infographic depicts key findings of the study. The study was supported by Delaware Sea Grant and the Delaware Department...Read more

Delaware Sea Grant helping communities prepare for natural hazards with Jan. 29 workshop

Delaware Sea Grant is offering a free workshop to help communities statewide plan for hurricanes, flooding and other hazards.

The Delaware Community Resiliency and Adaptation Workshop will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 29, from 8:30 a....Read more

Saving the Horseshoe Crab: Designing a More Sustainable Bait for Regional Eel and Conch Fisheries

For years, commercial eel and whelk fishers have dealt with a dilemma: They know the best bait to attract eel and whelk, locally known as conch, is a female horseshoe crab. However, harvest limits are in place to protect the Delaware Bay’s horseshoe crab population and the threatened migratory...Read more