Ocean update: UD study assesses ocean use off Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey coasts

The Center for Carbon-Free Power Integration (CCPI) at the University of Delaware has issued a new report about ocean use off the coast of Delaware and parts of Maryland and New Jersey. The study addresses viable places to locate offshore wind farms, taking into account biological, ecological...Read more

Teaching Science Through Art

Visitors to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year will find a very different experience at the University of Delaware educational exhibit. The show’s World of Water theme will be embodied not only in the display inspired by Delmarva bays – large vernal pools found mostly in the middle of the...Read more

Delaware Sea Grant hosts marine science quiz competition for high school students

Delaware Sea Grant selects marine policy student for prestigious Knauss Fellowship

Graduate student Meredith Kurz arrived at University of Delaware in 2015 to study marine policy because she “wanted to be directly involved in the policymaking associated with the sustainable management of our ocean and coasts,” especially as it relates to climate change mitigation and...Read more

Inaugural Resilient and Sustainable Communities Summit Attracts 22 Delaware Communities

More than 250 stakeholders from Delaware agencies, academic institutions, non-profits and, critically, 22 local Delaware communities turned out Nov. 27 for the inaugural Delaware Resilient and Sustainable Communities Summit.

The event was sponsored by Delaware Sea Grant (DESG), the...Read more

National Marine Educators Association selects Petrone to receive Bosarge Memorial Award

Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) marine education specialist Chris Petrone received the Johnette D. Bosarge Memorial Award at the National Marine Educators Association conference, held June 25-29 in Charleston, South...Read more

Delaware Sea Grant’s Annual Report Informs Community About Latest Efforts

Science fuels innovation, and innovation fuels the economy. Recognizing this fundamental connection, Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) has promoted the wise use, conservation and management of coastal and ocean resources since 1976 by supporting scientific research with real-world benefits. DESG uses...Read more

Coast Day 2017

Coast Day returns Oct. 1 with ‘Discoveries on land, in the air and at sea’

Coast Day returns to University of Delaware’s Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes on Sunday, Oct. 1.

The event, scheduled from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., attracts thousands of attendees from Delaware...Read more

Delaware Sea Grant Fact Sheet

Curious about the impact Delaware Sea Grant has on the state? This one-page (front and back) fact sheet features a brief summary of benefits to residents, tourists, students and researchers, as well as information on the economic and societal support the program provides. Download the fact sheet...Read more

Sea Talk Video - Surf Zone Injuries and Beach Safety

This is SeaTalk: Ocean News from the University of Delaware.

One of the draws of visiting Delaware’s sandy shores is taking a dip in the ocean. But for some, frolicking in the surf can lead to an unwanted vacation experience: an injury. Recent research by Delaware Sea Grant and Beebe...Read more