Delaware Sea Grant’s Annual Report Informs Community About Latest Efforts

Science fuels innovation, and innovation fuels the economy. Recognizing this fundamental connection, Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) has promoted the wise use, conservation and management of coastal and ocean resources since 1976 by supporting scientific research with real-world benefits. DESG uses...Read more

2017 Delaware Sea Grant Annual Report

Delaware Sea Grant's annual report for 2017 features stories and infographics on work the program does in each of its four focus areas: healthy coastal ecosystems, resilient communities and economies, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and environmental literacy and workforce development....Read more

2017 Annual Report | Volume 36

Mohsen BadieyI am pleased to share with you Delaware Sea Grant’s annual report, which highlights the ways the...Read more

2016 Delaware Sea Grant Annual Report

The Delaware Sea Grant College Program’s 2016 edition of the Reporter newsletter highlights the many ways that Sea Grant scientists are serving the Delaware coast.  Published annually, Reporter encourages readers to become informed, get involved and stay connected through the...Read more

Annual report highlights Delaware Sea Grant’s 40th anniversary

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signed the National Sea Grant College and Program Act into law, establishing the Sea Grant program and signaling an era of increased interest in the ocean as an important national priority. Now, 50 years later, 33 Sea Grant programs across the U.S. “put science...Read more

2016 Annual Report | Volume 35

Welcome to the Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) annual report for FY ’16. Let’s begin with a little history. In 1966 the...Read more

Annual report highlights Sea Grant efforts for Delawareans

According to the National Ocean Service, coastal resilience means “building the ability of a community to ‘bounce back’ after hazardous events rather than simply reacting to impacts.”

Since 1976, Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) has leveraged its education and research focus to support...Read more

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

Delaware Sea Grant research and outreach efforts catalyze new product innovations to keep the U.S. seafood industry financially competitive and environmentally responsible. Our experts...Read more

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Resource managers are faced with an array of environmental problems and issues, both natural and human-influenced. Delaware Sea Grant research informs environmental policy to help protect public health, economic stability and overall quality of life...Read more

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

The complexity of environmental issues calls for an educated public that can understand the link between science and society. DESG partners with the Delaware Department of Education to support strong K–...Read more