Delaware Sea Grant’s Annual Report Informs Community About Latest Efforts

Science fuels innovation, and innovation fuels the economy. Recognizing this fundamental connection, Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) has promoted the wise use, conservation and management of coastal and ocean resources since 1976 by supporting scientific research with real-world benefits. DESG uses...Read more

Coast Day 2017

Coast Day returns Oct. 1 with ‘Discoveries on land, in the air and at sea’

Coast Day returns to University of Delaware’s Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes on Sunday, Oct. 1.

The event, scheduled from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., attracts thousands of attendees from Delaware...Read more

Delaware Sea Grant Fact Sheet

Curious about the impact Delaware Sea Grant has on the state? This one-page (front and back) fact sheet features a brief summary of benefits to residents, tourists, students and researchers, as well as information on the economic and societal support the program provides. Download the fact sheet...Read more

Mini-Grant: How does ocean acidification affect sharks?

Investigators: Taylor Deemer (Undergraduate Student), and Danielle Dixson — University of Delaware 

Mini-Grant start date: September 1, 2016

Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to ocean acidification. Understanding how ocean acidification will impact critical...Read more

Mini-Grant: Preliminary assessment of new technology for oyster purification

Investigator: Dennis McIntosh — Delaware State University

Mini-Grant start date: September 1, 2016

To improve seafood safety, post-harvest processing of shellfish is becoming the industry standard. A mini-grant has been awarded to researchers at Delaware State University to test...Read more

Variability in Delaware Bay zooplankton across spatiotemporal scales: climatic, seasonal, and reproductive influences

Investigator: Jonathan Cohen—University of Delaware

Delaware Sea Grant Researcher Jon Cohen builds on earlier work surveying zooplankton distribution and abundance in Delaware Bay. Zooplankton include not only copepods, but juvenile crabs, fish, and jellyfish. Representing an important...Read more

UD professor uses thermal infrared imagery to remotely survey Delaware marshes

University of Delaware researcher Jack Puleo reports a new method to remotely survey tidal mudflats in the IEEE journal Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing.

The paper, titled “...Read more

Sustainable fishery predictor

University of Delaware researcher Jonathan Cohen is using a new technology to analyze and quantify zooplankton in the Delaware Bay.

Zooplankton are millimeter to centimeter scale organisms that live in water. A diverse and ecologically significant group of animals, they range in size from...Read more

Delaware Sea Grant accepting research pre-proposals

The Delaware Sea Grant College Program is soliciting pre-proposals for research that addresses marine and coastal problems and opportunities important to Delaware, the Mid-Atlantic region, and the nation. This 2016-2018 Request for Proposals (RFP) covers up to two years of funding.

...Read more

Delaware Sea Grant 2016–2018 Request for Proposals

The Delaware Sea Grant College Program (DESG) encourages a holistic approach to issues, i.e., cohesive, multidisciplinary combinations of natural science, social science, policy, and public outreach that contribute to scientific knowledge and to the wise use of marine and

...Read more