Sea Talk Video - Delaware's 1962 Northeaster

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In March of 1962, a strong northeaster struck Delaware's coast over the course of three days. The storm left a trail of devastation in its wake. Six people drowned, dozens of oceanfront properties were destroyed, and coastal...Read more

Delaware's stormy coast

Delaware's March 1962 storm caused unprecedented destruction to life and property. Unusually high wind-driven tides carried breaking waves inland, destroying buildings and structures that, ordinarily, would have been beyond the reach of the surf.

Telling the story of the storm in...Read more

Development of a high water mark database and display system for coastal flooding events in Delaware (RCE-5)

Investigators:   John A. Callahan — Delaware Geological Survey Kevin R. Brinson and Daniel J. Leathers — Delaware...Read more

A bioeconomic analysis of ecosystem-based horseshoe crab fishery management (RCE-3)

Investigator:  Sunny L. Jardine — University of Delaware

Current horseshoe crab management policies do not take into account the transfer of harvesting effort from one locale to another. Harvest restrictions in...Read more

Extending models of surface hydrodynamics in complex natural and modified tidal marsh environments (RCE-2)

Investigators:  James Kirby and Fengyan Shi — University of Delaware

Delaware Sea Grant researchers are developing cutting-edge computer simulations models of coastal marshes to describe and predict water and...Read more

Workshop to discuss natural hazards and climate change

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 7:00pm

The Delaware Sea Grant College Program, together with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA and the City of Lewes, will host a workshop to present the city’s Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Action Plan. The event will take...Read more

Newsletter urges readers to 'make the most of our coast'

From improving the safety of your seafood to gathering data that informs the development of offshore wind energy, Delaware Sea Grant is at the forefront of research, education, and outreach.

Learn about Delaware Sea Grant’s efforts in the new issue of its Reporter newsletter. The...Read more

Project: The remote sensing component for the Delaware Coastal Observing System: A gap to be filled (R/ETE-15)

Principal Investigators: Xiao-Hai Yan, Matthew Oliver, and Young-Heon Jo, University of Delaware

In coastal areas, fresh water from inland areas meets salty ocean water in complex mixing zones. Nutrients from surface runoff are carried into coastal waters, sometimes...Read more

Project: Sustaining ecological and economic services of coastal land resources during sea level rise (R/ECO-5)

Principal Investigators: John Gallagher and Denise Seliskar, University of Delaware Along the coast, seashore mallow, a salt-tolerant plant known for its hibiscus-like blooms, may bring a whole new meaning to “flower power” thanks to work being done by Delaware Sea Grant...Read more

Project: Validation of a coupled model for Delaware Bay and adjacent coastal region (R/ETE-17)

Principal Investigators: James Kirby and Fengyan Shi, University of Delaware

The dynamic nature of Delaware’s shoreline exposes communities, properties, and people to a unique set of hazards. As the coastal population grows, residents and structures become more vulnerable...Read more