water quality

Water Quality Monitoring Program Cited as DNREC Volunteer of Year

The University of Delaware’s Citizen Monitoring Program, received the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Volunteer of the Year award for research at the Delaware State Fair on July 28.

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Ship of opportunity

As families make their way down to the beach each summer day, a pleasant breeze moves up the sand to greet them. Known as the sea breeze, this gentle air current originates over the open water and is driven toward land by changes in surface heat and pressure between water and land. ...Read more

'Ramble' on: UD researchers, students work on plan to revitalize Laurel

An interdisciplinary University of Delaware research team has joined forces with the citizens of Laurel, Delaware, to map out a plan to revitalize and provide specific landscape design recommendations for the town, specifically the waterfront area along the Broad Creek.

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Delaware Sea Grant helps town of Laurel balance environment, development along riverfront

During the 1800s, the southern Delaware community of Laurel exemplified small-town life in America: The economy centered around grain and lumber mills along the river running through town, and the surrounding tree-lined streets of Victorian houses provided family homes for generations.

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