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Using Technology, Innovation, and Cooperation to Tackle Coastal Challenges

Those of us who live along the coast look to it for sustenance and recreation, for economic value, and for pleasure. It is important to recognize that these needs are not mutually exclusive — they are all connected. Maintaining and supporting healthy coastal ecosystems and the ecological services they provide ultimately results in greater economic benefit for our communities.

The Delaware Sea Grant College Program, housed at the University of Delaware, is a leader in providing sound scientific information on issues affecting our coasts and our coastal economies. Our research and understanding of the coastal environment helps people make or save money, protects lives, gives resource managers and community leaders fact-based information that informs their decisions, and enhances public understanding of coastal issues.

The coastal environment is facing significant challenges associated with climate change and growth. Delaware Sea Grant is ensuring that our state and nation are prepared for those challenges. We are developing the next generation of technologies that allow us to better monitor our waterways, understand vital habitats for valuable aquatic species, and keep our communities safe from coastal hazards. We are guiding our nation toward carbon-free energy independence through innovative work with marine-based renewable energy resources. And we are doing this by cooperating with government leaders, businesses, educators, environmental organizations, and concerned citizens. Our goal is to ensure that society benefits from the sea — today and in the future!

Dr. Nancy M. Targett
Director, Delaware Sea Grant
Dean, University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Nancy Targett, Director


Page Updated on June 2, 2015