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Coastal Green Infrastructure Design and Construction

Delaware Technical Community College and Delaware Sea Grant are excited to offer a paid internship for students to learn professional design and construction skills for coastal green infrastructure projects.

The internship will be offered during the Fall 2019 semester and will consist of seven one-day field-based internship experiences. Internship experiences will occur at different locations, within a one-hour radius of the DelTech-Stanton campus. Students will be responsible for their own transportation. The experiences will occur every other Friday during the 15-week semester and are anticipated to last approximately 10 hours, including travel time. Topics will include:

  • Living shoreline design-build

  • Riparian buffer functions and installation

  • Rain garden design-build

  • Native plant nursery - care and management of native plants


What is Coastal Green Infrastructure?

People don’t often think of riparian forests, coastal dunes, wetlands, oyster reefs, and other natural ecosystems as forms of infrastructure. However, this “green infrastructure” can prevent silt and pollutants from entering our coastal waters, stabilize eroding shorelines, provide protection from damaging hurricanes and floods, and improve water quality. In the absence of green infrastructure communities attempt to recreate these functions through traditional “grey infrastructure” projects, which consist of human engineered systems that are often costly to build and maintain. As an alternative, many communities are investing in building nature-based green infrastructure projects, such as living shorelines and constructed wetlands.

Field days will include instruction and “learning-by-doing” fieldwork, which will consist of manual labor, such as planting vegetation, carrying bagged oyster shell, watering plants, etc.

The last week of the semester, students will be required to participate in a mock job interview and resume review. Mock interviews are intended to help students prepare to enter the workforce in this exciting, emerging field, and will occur at the DelTech-Stanton campus.

Student interns will be paid $15 per hour for full participation in the internship program and will be reimbursed for travel costs.

Students will be selected from the following degree programs at DelTech-Stanton:

  • Civil Engineering Technology

  • Environmental Engineering Technology

  • Surveying and Geomatics Option

  • Construction Management Technology

  • Energy Management Technology

  • Biological Sciences

For more information, please contact Heidi Gurdo: Department Chair for the Architectural, Civil, Construction Management, Environmental, and GIS Engineering Technology Programs (