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Here's the latest news on current marine research, education, and outreach activities conducted by the University of Delaware Sea Grant College Program. If you are a reporter, publisher, or film producer seeking information, footage, photos, or research experts, contact the office at (302) 831-8083 or

2017 Knauss Fellows

University of Delaware graduate student Lauren Knapp will get a first-hand look at marine policy decision-making when she heads to Washington, D.C., in February...more

Virtual Field Trip

The average human adult contains 10 trillion human cells, but has 100 trillion microbes on their skin, hair and mouth and in their intestines. Most of these microbes are beneficial – they protect...more

UD's Stephanie Dohner has been selected as a coastal storms program graduate research fellow

Coastal Storms Fellow

University of Delaware doctoral student Stephanie Dohner has been selected as a Mid-Atlantic Coastal Storms Program graduate research fellow by ...more


Developing Landscapes

Working as a community redevelopment and design intern to help implement and develop the landscape design plans for Leipsic Town Hall and the Laurel Ramble was just about the perfect way for the...more

Teacher with a small windmill

Sunny and Windy

Delaware Sea Grant (DESG) and the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE) invite classroom and informal educators from Maryland and Delaware, grades 1-12, to...more