Outreach - Marine Advisory Service - Coastal Hazards

Danielle Swallow, Coastal Hazards Specialist
E-mail: dswallow@udel.edu
Phone: 302-645-4258

Beaches are Delaware's most heavily used outdoor recreation resources. Over 6 million people — more than seven times the size of the state's population — visit Delaware's beaches each year. Keeping wide, sandy beaches and protective dunes in place is critical to the state's economy and to the safety of coastal residents.

In addition to the ongoing threats of coastal erosion and sea-level rise, coastal hazards such as northeasters, hurricanes, and rip currents can have a significant impact on coastal communities and continue to be major management and economic concerns. The Delaware Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service (MAS) conducts a wide variety of public awareness programs for coastal residents, ranging from workshops on building more storm-resistant housing for the construction industry, to interpretive signs along Delaware's world-renowned beaches that help educate beachgoers about rip currents and other coastal phenomena. Additionally, the MAS helps extend cutting-edge research conducted by coastal engineers at the University of Delaware’s Center for Applied Coastal Research to resource managers, other scientists, and the public.

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Page Updated on February 26, 2018