Outreach - Marine Advisory Service - Resource Management

Ed Whereat, Citizen Monitoring Program Coordinator
E-mail: whereat@udel.edu
Phone: 302-645-4252

Helping to improve the management and health of our waterways is a vital focus of Delaware Sea Grant. State resource managers are faced with an array of environmental problems and issues related to point and non-point source pollution from municipal, industrial, and agricultural sources. With two national estuary programs in the state, a thriving coastal tourism industry, an economically important agriculture industry, and an increase in residential and commercial development, the impacts on the state's beaches and coastal estuaries are enormous. Current issues of concern include reduced water quality, anoxia and hypoxia, macroalgal and toxic algal blooms, declining fishery stocks, habitat loss, reduced biodiversity, an non-native species introductions.

Delaware Sea Grant helps the public play a greater role in environmental decision-making by transferring university-based research in appropriate formats to resource managers and the public, and providing forums where information can be exchanged. We also provide volunteer opportunities such as the University of Delaware Citizen Monitoring Program, which provides local residents with hands-on experience in testing the water quality of Inland Bays and Broadkill River watersheds and then sharing the valued data to state resource managers.

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