Project VIDEO

Virtual, Interactive Dark Energy Outreach

Below the ocean floor lives a tremendous amount of life, none of which is visible to naked eye or even the run-of-the-mill microscope. Here in the subsurface, we find bacteria, archaea, and fungi by the trillions! In partnership with the National Science Foundation-funded Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations, Delaware Sea Grant is exploring this diversity of microbial life through 15 Second Science episodes, longer Dive Deeper videos, and virtual reality tours featuring researchers who study life in the subsurface and the tools and techniques they use to explore this extreme environment. 


Project VIDEO received an APEX Grand Award for Publication Excellence and top honors in the National Federation of Press Women's Audiovisual category

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15 Second Science

15 Second Science is an award-winning video series produced by Delaware Sea Grant. As part of Project VIDEO, we turned to scientists who are actively researching life in the subsurface to explain their work and the tools they use to probe the depths of life.


Dive Deeper

Longer-form Dive Deeper videos allow scientists to explain their research and the tools they use to study life in the subsurface in greater depth.


Virtual Reality Tours

Project VIDEO also involved the use of 360-degree cameras to create virtual reality tours of labs associated with the investigation of life in the subsurface. You can see one example of these tours embedded below and others are collected as Delaware Sea Grant Virtual Field Trips.


Project VIDEO was supported by the National Science Foundation Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (OCE-0939564).