Publications and Products

The materials on this web site were developed and produced by Delaware Sea Grant's outreach team — the Marine Advisory Service (MAS), consisting of specialists in areas from aquaculture to tourism, and the Environmental Public Education staff. The publications catalog highlights resources for the general public on topics from horseshoe crabs to rip currents, and from boating to seafood safety.

Delaware Sea Grant MAS agents and researchers also have published in-depth reports and more than 400 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, some of which can be accessed in our research publications section. For more information, contact the Environmental Public Education Office at the address below, or visit the National Sea Grant's online library. The library maintains an online database of publications produced by the nation's Sea Grant programs.

For more information, please contact:

University of Delaware Environmental Public Education Office
222 S. Chapel St, Room 103
Newark, DE 19716-3530

Phone: 302-831-8083


The dozens of marine-related publication produced by Delaware Sea Grant's outreach team are low-cost or free and available to the public.
Page Updated on October 27, 2014