2015 Reporter - Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

The complexity of environmental issues calls for an educated public that can understand the link between science and society. DESG partners with the Delaware Department of Education to support strong K–12 science education in formal and informal classrooms. We work to improve public recognition and understanding of the interdependence of society and nature. Our experts serve as advisors for science education, communication and translation.

Science communication 
Scientists are regularly called upon to communicate research findings to various audiences, including the general public, policy makers, stakeholders and the media. DESG has increased its efforts to work with researchers, extension specialists and graduate students to ensure that scientific information is conveyed in ways that are accessible and meaningful to the broader community. New courses, customized media training and workshops offer our experts the opportunity to practice their written and oral communication skills.


Student support 
To build capacity in marine and coastal sciences and policy, DESG provides education, training and support for students pursuing advanced degrees at the masters and doctoral levels. We facilitate fellowship opportunities both locally and nationally which provide additional training opportunities and real world experiences for future coastal leaders.

Watershed investigations 
Teachers in the Delmarva region learned more about Chesapeake and Delaware Bay watersheds, how they are used to support the economy, and steps being taken to protect and restore watershed health in a new DESG professional development course titled “Bay to Bay.”  This multidisciplinary watershed investigation across the Delmarva Peninsula included five days of fieldwork, classroom activities and science content.

Climate science education   
DESG plays a major role in the Maryland and Delaware Climate Change Education Assessment and Research (MADE CLEAR) project. MADE CLEAR aims to make climate change science an integral part of public education in Delaware and Maryland through partnerships among the states’ research institutions, federal and state agencies and public schools. Our specialists offer teacher professional development programs, seminars about the science of climate change, and steer both formal and informal education working groups.
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