2015 Reporter - Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture

Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

Delaware Sea Grant research and outreach efforts catalyze new product innovations to keep the U.S. seafood industry financially competitive and environmentally responsible. Our experts develop protocols and training for innovative food safety procedures that reduce risk and enhance consumer knowledge about seafood.

Inland Bays aquaculture 
More than a decade of work guided by DESG, in cooperation with the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays (CIB) and partners, has documented the value and benefit of shellfish aquaculture as a means to improve the quality of the Inland Bays estuary and to enhance local seafood production and economic development. With the development of Delaware shellfish aquaculture regulations in August 2014, DESG continues to support these efforts through workshops, expert testimony, economic impact studies and an effort to brand Inland Bays oysters and shellfish when the product is ready for commercialization. 

Aquaculture and fish tech 101 
Working in the seafood world can mean getting peppered with questions about the health benefits and safety of eating fish and shellfish: Which have the most omega-3s? Who shouldn’t eat raw oysters? Is local, farm-raised fish better than imported wild catch? DESG is working with counterparts in Louisiana and Oregon to offer in-service trainings for industry professionals on how to effectively explain these complex issues. Session participants receive training on seafood safety, handling and regulations, as well as insights on global trends and progress in aquaculture.

Celebrating seafood 
Coast Day, Delaware Sea Grant’s premier outreach event, offers local chefs and culinary fans the opportunity to celebrate seafood, among other activities. In 2014, DESG celebrated the 25th anniversary of the event’s popular Coast Day Crab Cake Cook-Off, the longest running Coast Day seafood contest. A commemorative cookbook was produced in honor of the anniversary. Coast Day attendees helped choose the winner of the Seafood Chowder Challenge by tasting the chowders and casting a vote for their favorite. Winners were also honored during the second annual oyster shucking contest. 

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