Quantifying Spatio-Temporal Variability in Hydrodynamics and Inundation of a Tidal Saltmarsh (R/HRCC-1)

Jack Puleo—University of Delaware
Thomas McKenna—Delaware Geological Survey

Global sea-level rise and sinking land are combining to cause water levels near Bowers Beach, Del., to increase at a rate faster than anywhere else on the Atlantic coast. Surrounding wetlands may change into mudflats if wetland elevation cannot keep pace with rising sea level. Sea Grant researchers Jack Puleo and Thomas McKenna are conducting field research in Kent County to increase our understanding of how marshes respond to sea-level rise. The work could help natural resource managers monitor marsh stability and predict future changes.

See below for the full project abstract.

Thomas McKenna investigates sea-level rise in Delaware’s economically and environmentally important coastal wetlands.

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