Sea Grant Focus Area: Resilient Communities and Economies

Research and outreach that provide information and techniques that enhance waterfront-related economic activities. This includes engagement of coastal communities in planning processes that support the efforts of community leaders to identify and pursue sustainable economic development and recognition of the need to balance the multiple uses of these resources. In addition, DESG will undertake science and policy research and outreach that provide an informed basis for assessing the risks associated with living and working in coastal communities. This includes the development of strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Specific areas of interest to Delaware Sea Grant include:
  • Developing vibrant and resilient coastal economies. 
  • Facilitating community use of comprehensive planning tools to make informed strategic decisions.
  • Supporting improvements in coastal water resources that sustain human health and ecosystem services.
  • Helping to establish resilient coastal communities that can adapt to the impacts of hazards and climate change.

Delaware Sea Grant’s efforts will support and encourage vibrant and resilient coastal communities through research, extension, and education efforts that improve coastal community recognition of environmental and economic sustainability.

Details of the research projects funded by Delaware Sea Grant for the 2016-2018 period are listed below. For additional information, please also see our latest annual report.
Visit our research project archive to see previously funded projects.


Delaware Sea Grant programs help decision makers adopt policies that will reduce risks, manage catastrophic events, and speed recovery.


Page Updated on March 10, 2016