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Sea Grant Focus Area: Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture


Research and outreach that catalyze new product innovations to keep the domestic seafood industry financially competitive and environmentally responsible. Development of protocols and training for innovative food safety procedures that reduce risk and enhance consumer knowledge about seafood. Specific areas of interest to Delaware Sea Grant include:

  • Working to establish a safe, secure, and sustainable supply of seafood to meet public demand. 
  • Working to inform consumers about the health benefits of seafood consumption and teach them how to evaluate the safety and sustainability of the seafood they buy.

The broad outcomes of Delaware Sea Grant efforts in this focus area are to ensure contributions to innovative technologies around seafood handling and to enhance consumer knowledge about safe and sustainable seafood.

Details of the research projects funded by Delaware Sea Grant for the 2016-2018 period are listed below. For additional information, please also see our latest annual report.

Visit our research project archive to see previously funded projects.

Our research facilitates the development of new products and innovative educational approaches to increase seafood availability and consumption by the public.
Page Updated on March 10, 2016