Seatalk Video Episodes for 2015

December 2015

If you’ve driven along Delaware’s Atlantic coast, you may have noticed a unique gold and burgundy

November 2015

Did you know the United Nations General Assembly has designated 2015 as the International Year of

October 2015

Next time you take a walk outdoors don’t forget to look up – the sky overhead serves as a virtual

August 2015

Coast Day is a fun way to discover more about our marine world, and this year’s event will focus

July 2015
Have you ever wondered about the difference between weather and climate?
July 2015

Sharks are an often misunderstood but very important component of the marine ecosystem.

May 2015

The driving wind and waves that accompany coastal storms like hurricanes and northeasters can cre

May 2015

From its smooth black shell to its iridescent, pearly interior, the blue mussel is an attractive,

April 2015

Earth Day was founded April 22, 1970, as a day of education about environmental issues.  In Delaw

March 2015

The shallow waters, dense aquatic grasses, and marshes of Delaware's Inland Bays serve as a safe,

February 2015

Colorful shell fragments are the ocean’s natural treasures, but did you know they can be transfor

January 2015

It could easily be a scene out of Harry Potter: suddenly, daytime sightings of bright, white owls