Sea Talk Video - Penguins

Publication Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Episode Script

This is SeaTalk: Ocean News from the University of Delaware.

What’s the best way to study the Antarctic ecosystem? Follow the penguins.

University of Delaware scientists are tracking penguins on land, under the sea, and even from space to unravel the effects of climate change in Antarctica. Researchers attach tracking devices to the birds to trace their feeding patterns by satellite. They cross-reference the information with ocean data, such as temperature, salt content, and tides.

Scientists hope to better understand how rising temperatures are affecting penguin populations and their sources of food. When something happens to the penguins, scientists know that something is happening to the environment as a whole.

This is SeaTalk, a public service announcement from the University of Delaware, the Delaware Sea Grant College Program, and this station.



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