Sea Talk Video - Research in the Arctic

Researchers at the University of Delaware head to the Arctic to answer some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Publication Date:
Friday, February 2, 2018

Episode Script

This is Sea Talk: Ocean news from the University of Delaware.
University of Delaware scientists travel the globe to better understand our planet. In the Arctic region, their research on land and in the sea is providing data that provides a deeper look into the region's rapidly changing environment. Researchers are exploring areas from Greenland to Alaska and the surrounding waters to examine everything from how the thawing of permafrost affects vegetation and the carbon cycle, to studying Arctic zooplankton to better understand the life that thrives in the polar night, to looking at the effects of maritime transportation on the region's waters. Other research projects are collecting data from the ocean and beneath glaciers, which is resulting in new findings related to ocean acidification and sea level rise, two significant challenges of our time. 
This is Sea Talk, a public service announcement from the University of Delaware, the Delaware Sea Grant College Program, and this station.

Sea Talk - Arctic Research at the University of Delaware

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