DESG virtual reality (VR) intro

Welcome to the Delaware Sea Grant virtual reality (VR) intro page! We are using VR for several education projects including Project VIDEO and Bay to Bay.

VR provides an immersive experience which allows users to explore a space in 360 degrees. We are taking advantage of this technology to take users inside laboratories and to unique places, like the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, where we've created a full virtual field trip on board >

These spaces can be viewed in a web browser online, on a smartphone, or in a VR headset, like Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift, for the most immersive experience. We've included instructions for all below. This video is a quick screen recording of our JOIDES Resolution virtual field trip within a web browser to highlight a few features of our virtual spaces.

As noted within the video:

  1. As you are "looking around," you may see information points, which are marked with a white dot with a lowercase "i" - click on these to bring up more information and/or a short video clip that provides scientific background on what you are looking at.
  2. If you see a location marker with an embedded image, it is a "portal" that will enable you to move into another space on the tour. If you are in a web browser or the app, you can click on it to move to the next stop. If you are using a viewer, stare at the marker for several seconds and you will automatically be taken to the next space. 

To view the project VR images online:

  1. Visit our page on
  2. Select one of our VR environments to enter it.
  3. Use your mouse or trackpad to explore!

To view the project VR images on a smartphone:

  1. Download the RoundMe app (iOS and Android) onto your device.
  2. Open the app and search for "Delaware Sea Grant."
  3. Click on the Delaware Sea Grant logo to bring up our profile.
  4. Scroll through the posts and select one.
  5. Once loaded, turn your device to landscape orientation.
  6. Look around, up and down!

If using a VR viewer (e.g. Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, etc.):

  1. Once one of our images is loaded, turn your device to landscape orientation and touch the device screen to show the VR viewer icon (looks like the eyepiece side of the viewer).
  2. Touch the viewer icon, which will split the screen into two, and show paired images, and load the device into your viewer.
  3. Ensure a safe viewing area (mind your balance, nearby obstacles, etc.), and enjoy the scenery!
Page Updated on October 2, 2017