February 2019 — Ice on the Beach


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While winter temperatures can vary considerably in Delaware, it can get cold enough for ice to start to form on open water. The Cape May-Lewes Ferry has had to suspend operations briefly in some years, but the ice can also make for beautiful shorelines. This #15SecondScience episode provides a quick primer on ocean freezing.

Notable Dates:

February 2 Yes, it’s Groundhog Day, but more importantly (and scientifically), it’s also World Wetlands Day. Wetlands provide essential habitat, carbon storage and shoreline protection from waves and storms. Delaware has many wetlands of all kinds, from salt marshes to vernal pools, and each is invaluable to our environment.

February 7 Before Valentine’s Day on the 14th, you can make Sea Glass Jewelry at Indian River Lifesaving Station with Delaware State Parks’ weekly Winter Art in the Parks Series. Other Valentine’s-themed activities and more to do at parks throughout the state this winter can be found on the DE State Parks’ Calendar.

February 27 — Check Polar Bear International’s website for ideas on how to get involved in International Polar Bear Day. The Arctic may seem far away, but what happens there affects the world, whether through sea level rise, effects on biodiversity, or changes in ocean circulation.

Mark Jolly-Van Bodegraven