July 2019 — Coastal Economy


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Delaware’s coastline gives the state much of its charm and identity, but it is important for practical reasons as well. From beach tourism to shipping, many industries exist thanks to Delaware’s location on the Atlantic coast. The July wallpaper features a classic scene everyone recognizes as part of our coastal economy—the beloved shops along Rehoboth’s boardwalk. This month’s Sea Talk shares just how much of an impact the coast has on the economy of the First State overall.

Notable Dates:

July 4 — Independence Day! Before finding your favorite town for fireworks, spend the day enjoying other special activities, like 18th-century games, walking tours and more in Dover’s First State Heritage Park.

July 13 — The Fourth Annual WaterColors event in Laurel happens today. Join Delaware Sea Grant, the Laurel Redevelopment Corporation and others invested in the rejuvenation of this wonderful Sussex County town to paint one of the region’s iconic watermelon buses.

July 20 — The Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute is holding its annual dolphin count in the morning. Learn more about the MERR Institute and call if you’d like to volunteer: 302-228-5029.

July 31 — Although there are no events planned locally, you can still celebrate World Ranger Day by taking a moment to share your appreciation on social media or, even better, in person at a state or national park!