July 2018 - Living Shorelines


Natural Tidal Marshes in Delaware

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Delaware’s natural tidal marshes provide one of the best defenses against coastal flooding and erosion during large storms. In fact, these natural features are much more effective at protecting coastlines from erosion than man-made bulkheading or seawalls over the long-run.

As a result, coastal planners in Delaware are increasingly turning towards features known as living shorelines to protect our coast. Establishing a living shoreline can include not only planting marsh grasses, but also establishing sand dunes and planting dune grasses, using oyster shells to serve as habitat for new oyster reefs, and seeding mussel beds. Join in the process of establishing a living shoreline in your yard by talking to a landscaper or contractor who has been trained in living shoreline techniques.

4 - Independence Day - Head to the beach to celebrate our nation’s independence and watch the fireworks shows that coastal towns like Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, and Bethany Beach put on.

11 - World Population Day - A growing global population puts increasing pressure on the planet’s resources. Take today to reflect on how Delaware’s population growth is changing our natural environment.

19 - Delaware State Fair Begins - The annual state fair is host to a wide range of educational activities, as well as the University of Delaware-sponsored Delaware building - stop in for some UDairy ice cream!

24 – Delaware adopted its official state flag today in 1913 – In the flag’s center, a ship symbolizes New Castle County’s shipbuilding industry and Delaware’s coastal commerce. A stroke of blue represents the Delaware River.

Michael Graw