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March 2015

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - March 2015

With the 2015 Delaware Sea Grant and College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment online calendar, you can bring the beauty of Delaware's coastal resources to your computer screen. In addition to scenic wallpaper for each month, check out the list of notable dates as well as environmental facts, tips, and web links.


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As we leave winter behind and temperatures slowly begin to warm, ponds in Delaware begin to thaw, revealing hidden wildlife. Painted turtles, the most widespread native turtle species in North America, will soon awake from winter hibernation.  These turtles are easy to identify by their red, orange, or yellow stripes on their extremities.  They feast on algae, insects, and fish commonly found in many Delaware ponds.  These critters spend their day basking in the sun on logs or rocks and are easily spotted by hikers.  Delaware offers year-round opportunities for wildlife viewing at world-class sanctuaries, nature centers, and state parks.

Delaware Sea Grant scientists support science and policy research in support of ecosystem sustainability. You can protect ecosystems like those supporting the painted turtle by properly disposing of fishing line, refraining from feeding wild animals, supporting our state parks, or volunteering for a state conservation program.

1 – Severe Weather Preparedness Week begins - Are you weather-ready? A few simple steps, such as creating a disaster supplies kit and creating a family emergency plan could help save your life.  Delaware Sea Grant has also developed a Homeowner’s Handbook to help Delaware residents prepare for natural hazards.

8 – International Women’s Day - In 1951, Joanne Currier Daiber became the first female marine scientist hired by the University of Delaware. Today, CEOE scientists are building upon Daiber’s zooplankton study in the Delaware Bay.

8 – Daylight Saving Time begins - Spring ahead by setting clocks ahead one hour at 2 a.m. A lost hour of sleep will provide another hour to soak up the sun.

8 – National Groundwater Awareness Week begins -  A CEOE researcher has pioneered a new technique to date groundwater. Knowing the age of groundwater provides important clues about the sustainability of water resources.

15 – Flood Safety Awareness Week begins - An increasing percentage of Delaware’s coastal population will be threatened by future flooding due to storm events and rising sea levels. Delaware Sea Grant’s community flood risk awareness maps provide critical flood and coastal hazard information that will be useful education and disaster preparedness tools for residents, property owns, and community decision-makers.

20 – Vernal Equinox - First day of spring – Today night and day are nearly the same length and the sun crosses the celestial equator moving northward.

Photo by Doug Baker

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