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February 2018

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - February 2018

With the 2018 Delaware Sea Grant and College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment online calendar, you can bring the beauty of Delaware's coastal resources to your computer screen. In addition to scenic wallpaper for each month, check out the list of notable dates as well as environmental facts, tips, and web links.

Research in the Arctic (Polar Bear)

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February — Research in the Arctic
Photo by Justin Eickmeier

Researchers at the University of Delaware are involved in a wide range of scientific research in the Arctic, both on land and across the Arctic Ocean. One of the important areas where many researchers converge is on sea ice. Some researchers are studying how the amount and thickness of sea ice, an important part of polar bears’ habitat, is changing over time. Others are studying how the loss of sea ice is opening the Arctic Ocean to maritime shipping and affecting marine organisms that live beneath the ice.

While the Arctic may seem far away, changes there can have significant impacts on places closer to home here in Delaware. For example, warming permafrost in the Arctic can release greenhouse gases that further contribute to sea level rise, while changes in zooplankton and fish can impact fish stocks that migrate between the Arctic and the mid-Atlantic.

2 - Groundhog Day - Will Punxsatwaney Phil see his shadow this year? Tradition has it that on a cloudy day, the groundhog won’t see its shadow and will come fully out its burrow - indicating an early start to spring.

13 - Mardi Gras - Mardi Gras has become synonymous with the arrival of spring, but the celebration originally stems from a feast before the fasting season of Lent begins.

14 - Valentine’s Day - Turn your Valentine’s Day from red to green by giving eco-friendly chocolates endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance and e-cards rather than paper cards.

19 - President’s Day - Have you seen how different Delaware’s state parks look in the winter compared to summer? Use your day off to find out!

27 - Polar Bear Day - Polar Bear Day was designated to raise awareness about the threat that climate changes poses to the world’s largest land carnivore. To support polar bears, consider donating to the World Wildlife Fund’s polar bear fund.


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