Resource management: Driving new conversations about the future of Delaware's environmental resources.

Delaware is shifting paradigms about how we produce energy, manage our land, and distribute environmental resources

Delaware Sea Grant is at the heart of driving conversations about how we can best use our state's natural resources to the benefit of both our people and the environment. Using innovative new approaches to bring people together and spark ideas, we are facilitating meaningful discussion among the state's many stakeholders from Sussex to Wilmington.


Engaging Stakeholders Through Dance

Unconventional ways of approaching complex topics such as wind energy development or conservation can start the conversation on neutral ground and encourage new ways of thinking. Delaware Sea Grant has partnered with the University of Delaware's Dance Minor Program to re-interpret issues including wind energy and water consumption and to teach landowners about vernal pools.

Dancers at Coast Day 2017.
Offshore wind turbine.

Focus on Renewable Energy

Delaware is undergoing a transition towards development of offshore wind and solar energy resources. While renewable energy brings the potential of green jobs, we also know that the transition affects stakeholders in the tourism, fishing, and shipping industries. Delaware Sea Grant is working with community partners - local businesses, town governments, and individual citizens - to drive discussion about what the future of renewable energy looks like in Delaware and how we move towards that future. Check out our News and Events page for upcoming workshops and events.