Shellfish Aquaculture Partners


Delaware Sea Grant is not in the aquaculture business. Rather, we provide support and evidence-based information to help the aquaculture industry grow and prosper in the state. For shellfish aquaculture to succeed in Delaware’s Inland Bays, oyster farmers, family-run supply chain businesses, and distributors have to step in to meet the demands of the market. Below are some of the first small businesses in the state to join Delaware Sea Grant in rebuilding this important and beneficial industry.

Shellfish Farmers and Suppliers

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Delaware Cultured Seafood

Mark Casey and his family have embraced the emerging oyster aquaculture industry wholeheartedly. They are farming their own leases in Inland Bay waters, to be sold under the names above, while also creating supply chain businesses through helping test and build equipment and raising oyster seed stock to sell to other farmers.

Dewey Beach Selects

Chris Redefer was the first oyster farmer to bring his product to market, and his efforts have started to familiarize Delaware consumers with the unique and delicious Inland Bays flavor through his brand, Dewey Beach Selects oysters, grown in Rehoboth Bay near town.

Tower 3 Oyster Company

The brand name for oyster farmer Chuck Gifford, Tower 3 Oyster Company products are expected to be the second to market, in the fall of 2019. Gifford grows oysters in Sally’s Cove, Rehoboth Bay.


Restaurants and Dealers


Delaware Oyster Company

Delaware Oyster Company is a local wholesale and catering company. They work directly with the growers in the Inland Bays to provide restaurants, markets, weddings and events with access to local oysters & clams. With 20 years combined experience in the seafood industry, the company also sources Maine mussels & lobster, North Atlantic oysters, caviar and more.

Matt’s Fish Camp

This seafood restaurant was the first to carry Inland Bays oysters, offering Dewey Selects oysters starting in the fall of 2018. Located between Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, Matt’s Fish Camp has Oyster Night on Wednesdays.

SoDel Concepts

Matt’s Fish Camp is one of nearly a dozen establishments run by SoDel Concepts. In addition to selling Inland Bays oysters, the Rehoboth Beach-based restaurant group has helped promote them as delicious, environmentally friendly, local food to consumers.