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October 2015

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - October 2015

With the 2015 Delaware Sea Grant and College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment online calendar, you can bring the beauty of Delaware's coastal resources to your computer screen. In addition to scenic wallpaper for each month, check out the list of notable dates as well as environmental facts, tips, and web links.

Trap Pond

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Delaware’s Trap Pond was originally created in the late 1700s to power a sawmill during the harvest of large baldcypress trees from Delaware. It became one of Delaware’s first state parks in 1951 and today offers many opportunities for kayaking, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. As you get ready for your outdoor adventure, you might consult your local television news station or favorite website to help you decide how to prepare for the weather outside.  Where do Delaware decision-makers turn when they are looking for real-time information to make important decisions related to storm events?  

The Delaware Geological SurveyOffice of the Delaware State Climatologist, the Delaware Coastal Flood Monitoring System and the Delaware Environmental Observing System, all administered by the University of Delaware in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, collect data and provide immediate information about conditions around the state.  Delaware Sea Grant has also prepared a list of resources to assist residents and businesses as they prepare for severe storms and their impacts.

October is National Seafood Month  Prepare one of the award-winning seafood recipes from last year's Coast Day event!

11– Earth Science Week begins – This event engages students in earth sciences and encourages stewardship through understanding. 

12 – Columbus Day – Christopher Columbus’ famous fleet included the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria. Over the years, the CEOE research fleet has included the R/V Joanne Daiber, R/V Cape Henlopen (now retired), and R/V Hugh R. Sharp.

22 - Mather Lecture at University of Delaware - International expert James Syvitski will explore the striking extent to which humans are changing the Earth’s biophysical system — the atmosphere, ocean and land surface — and what it means, not just for humanity, but for science and policy, too.  The lecture is free and open to the public, but registration is required by Oct. 15.

31– Halloween – Decades ago, the Delaware River was a scary place for wildlife. During the 1940s, for example, some urban areas were so polluted that fish could not survive. The river today is much healthier, having experienced one of the most dramatic improvements of any similar body of water worldwide. 

Photo by Doug Baker

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