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November 2015

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - November 2015

With the 2015 Delaware Sea Grant and College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment online calendar, you can bring the beauty of Delaware's coastal resources to your computer screen. In addition to scenic wallpaper for each month, check out the list of notable dates as well as environmental facts, tips, and web links.

R/V Hugh R. Sharp

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Zooplankton Tow on the R/V Hugh R. Sharp

A gorgeous glimpse of research on the Delaware Bay! University of Delaware students aboard the R/V Hugh R. Sharp collected zooplankton to compare the results to findings of a previous study in the Broadkill River.  Graduate students and undergraduates participating in the Semester-in-Residence program gained hands-on experience in this Research Experience in Biodiversity class.

Zooplankton are a diverse and ecologically significant group of animals, they range in size from small copepods the size of a grain of rice to large jellyfish.

UD researcher Jonathan Cohen is using a new technology, called ZooScan, to analyze and quantify zooplankton in the Delaware Bay. This optical scanning system resembles a flat bed scanner used to scan papers (only waterproof) and identifies and characterizes the zooplankton species present in the Delaware Bay.

Cohen’s study, which is supported through funding from Delaware Sea Grant, will establish a baseline for future zooplankton studies in the region in the
context of climate change. Collaborators on the project include partners from Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, University of Delaware’s Citizen Monitoring Program, and other Delaware Sea Grant-funded researchers.

1 – Daylight Saving Time ends – It’s time to fall back – set your clocks back one hour at 2 a.m.

11 – Veterans Day – Several observation towers at Cape Henlopen State Park still stand along Delaware’s Atlantic coast — quiet reminders of soldiers’ service in World War II.

15 – America Recycles Day –  A nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.  Did you know you can recycle oyster shells?

24 – Announcement of Francis Alison's “Free School” opening, 1743 – The University of Delaware traces its origin to this private academy, which received its collegiate charter from the state in 1833. Today, UD is a Land Grant, Sea Grant, and Space Grant institution.

26 – Thanksgiving – Culinary historians believe that much of the first Thanksgiving meal consisted of seafood. Mussels, lobster, bass, clams, and oysters may have been part of this feast. Today, oyster stuffing is a delicious addition to any plate and a popular Thanksgiving tradition.

30 – Atlantic Hurricane Season ends – How did your emergency preparations hold up? For tips to get your home ready for next year, download the Delaware Homeowners Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards.

Photo by Tammy Beeson

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