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August 2014

Desktop Calendar Wallpaper - August 2014

Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November, and Delaware is no stranger to coastal storms. Flooding, intense winds and torrential rain can leave long-term effects for those unprepared. Delaware Sea Grant has produced a free Homeowners Handbook to help you prepare for natural hazards so that risks to family and property may be reduced. It includes recommendations for essential emergency supplies, evacuation planning, and more.  Be weather ready with these tips, and you’ll rest easy this August.  And learn more about weather and climate at the 2014 Delaware Coast Day!

4- US Coast Guard Day – U.S. Coast Guard Day honors the military branch that protects our waters and shorelines. Celebrate today by learning more about the responsibilities and functions of this branch of our nation’s military service.

11-13 – Nights of the shooting stars – The Perseid meteor showers arrive in mid-August and maximum activity is expected these evenings. To catch the show, retreat from the glare of city lights and head to the best place to look to the sky: the beach!

25 – Summer winds down for students – Many Delaware students will have to wave goodbye to the beach and return to school this week. Teachers can gear up for their return to the classroom with our online education resources.

28 – The Dutch claim Delaware Bay – During his quest to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean in 1609, Henry Hudson sailed into Delaware Bay and claimed it for the Dutch on this day in 1609. Unlike Delaware Sea Grant scientists, Hudson may not have given much thought to the chemical and physical properties of the bay.

stormy beach waves

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