The Delaware Sea Grant College Program conducts research, education, and outreach projects to help people from all walks of life wisely use, manage, and conserve Delaware's ocean and coastal resources. The program is a partnership involving the National Sea Grant College Program in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Department of Commerce; the State of Delaware; and the University of Delaware. You can search the entire Sea Grant network here. Delaware Sea Grant’s current strategic plan establishes the program’s top priorities in marine research, education, and public outreach for 2009–2013. The plan aligns with the following focus areas identified in the National Sea Grant College Program’s 2009 national strategic action plan:

Delaware Sea Grant also has a cross-cutting theme of Ocean and Environmental Literacy. The National Sea Grant College Program recently finalized its 2014–2017 strategic plan, which is organized around four focus areas:

  • Healthy Coastal Ecosystems
  • Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Resilient Communities and Economies
  • Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Accordingly, Delaware Sea Grant issued its 2014–2017 strategic plan, which provides an overview of the program and its top priorities in marine research, education, and public outreach. These priorities were identified through an extensive strategic planning process involving National Sea Grant and Delaware program staff, our Sea Grant Advisory Council, and internal and external panels of science and policy experts. The full text of the 2014–2017 Delaware Sea Grant plan can be found here. Investigators wishing to participate in the next round of funding of targeted research must submit pre-proposals, according to the guidelines here. For additional information, please also see our latest annual report.

Delaware Sea Grant research projects help to maintain a healthy environment and ensure that society continues to benefit from the coast.


Page Updated on August 23, 2013